Food and Drink During Trip

Posted on December 22, 2015 · Posted in Travel Adventuring, Travel Tips And Experience

Have you been thinking about taking a trip but haven’t been sure where to go? Have you wanted, nay, needed a getaway but had no idea where to start? Sure, you can ask your friends and family for recommendations, but then there’s the awkward part afterwards when you have to explain why you didn’t take their advice.  Better to avoid that situation altogether and go to a neutral source.

Well, you’re already here, so clearly you got that far on your own.  But now that you’ve chosen a destination, you’ve got some important decisions to make.  Where to stay? What airline to choose? Will you be returning home with a robe you didn’t depart your house with?  Odds are you’re going to spend a significant amount of time debating each of these decisions, browsing various travel sites, independent reviews and maybe even reaching out to those friends and family members we discussed earlier.

You put all of this time and energy into finding great deals during the planning stage of the trip, doesn’t it make sense to actually enjoy the trip the same way.  Why settle for whatever bars and restaurants are near your hotel or for what the concierge recommends? More importantly, why pay full price for it? With Food & Drink discounts from Groupon, you no longer have to.

Say you decide to visit Palm Springs—we hear it’s absolutely delightful this time of year.  A simple Groupon search will tell you that the Riviera is where you want to be for dinner and entertainment. Groupon gives you customer reviews, reviews from their editors, parking and other travel information, and of course, coupons if they’re available as well as suggestions and deals on nearby attractions.  Now you can not only find great food, drinks and entertainment, but also save some of your hard-earned dollars in the process.  We compare airfare, car rentals, and hotel room prices—why not find discounts on drinking and dining as well?

The best part is that the deals are 100% free, no memberships or purchases required.  They’re’ for you and for me and for everyone.  To find deals today, just search Groupon for your favorite type of cuisine and you’ll be sure to find the best restaurants!