4 Most Recommended Tourist Attraction in Labuan Bajo Indonesia

Posted on July 16, 2017 · Posted in Travel Business, Travel Location And Destination

Labuan Bajo Indonesia is a highly recommended place to visit, besides Bali, when you visit Indonesia. There are so many exciting tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo that you can visit. You can diving, snorkeling, tracking, up to observe Komodo dragons directly. Along with the increasingly advanced tourism sector in Indonesia, Labuan Bajo also crowded to visit because of its unique tourist attraction. Although crowded to visit, there are many tourist attractions that can give you a calm atmosphere of recreation.

You can come to Labuan Bajo by plane from Jakarta to Bali, followed by plane to  labuan bajo indonesia airport. Upon arriving at the airport, you can continue the trip by hiring a private transportation, such as a car. If you still do not understand the condition of Labuan Bajo, whether in terms of transportation, map, accommodation, tourist location, etc., it is advisable to use the tour package, or hire a guide. When you have determined a stopover for a holiday, you can choose some of the most recommended tourist destinations listed below, for you to visit during your vacation.

  1. Visit Komodo Island

On the Komodo Island, you can observe the giant Komodo lizard along with various other fauna, such as deer, wild boar, and others.From Labuan Bajo to the location, you can use a boat or speedboat from Labuan Bajo. Another option that can be taken, you can also visit this location from Sape by boat. If you intend to come from outside Flores by passing the sea route, you can come from Lombok and Bali by using the tour boat.

  1. Diving At Manta Point

Located in the waters near Komodo Island, diving or snorkeling tourists to see the manta rays. However, manta rays can only be found in good weather conditions. In addition, this place also has a beautiful softcoral area and not infrequently seen turtles there. You can also observe other marine biodiversity.

  1. Sun Bath At Pink Beach

The main attraction of this beach is a stretch of pink sandy beach. The pink sand is caused by red coral fragments mixed with white sand. This beach has beautiful shallow waters with coral reefs and charming coral biota. The usual activities of tourists visiting are snorkeling, diving and sun bathing.

  1. Travel To Batu Cermin Cave

This cave is a very unique cave. Sunlight enters the cave through a hole and then bounces on a stone wall that seems to reflect light to another area inside the cave like a mirror. Inside the 200-meter-long cave that has many aisles, it is filled with various stalactites and stalagmites that are still well preserved on the walls of the cave.

Labuan Bajo Indonesia tour highly guaranteed to get you the best experience while on vacation. In addition to the 4 tourist destinations recommended above, there are still many tourist destinations that you can visit in Labuan Bajo. While on vacation here, the important thing to note is to bring sun screen because the weather is classified into a tropical climate.